The Entirely Predictable Extremism Of The Biden Administration

Back in the halcyon days when America was energy independent, Russia was not stomping on the Ukraine and strangling Europe, inflation was practically non-existent, and parents didn’t have to scrounge the shelves for baby food, Joe Biden announced he was running for President.

Unsurprisingly, it has all been downhill from that point.

What is surprising, however, is how many voters apparently believed the incredible lie that Joe Biden was going to govern as a moderate “unifier” who would bring Americans together into a big, happy group hug while banishing all extremism from the land.

This deceptive messaging was effective because the mainstream media and their minions on social media relentlessly pushed back against every scandal swirling around Joe Biden’s dismal career in elective office.  The spectacle of Joe Biden denigrating Anita Hill in 1991, the disaster of the crime bill he sponsored in the Senate in 1994, the influence peddling of his family members while he was Vice President that resulted in millions upon millions of dollars flowing into their pockets, the accusations, which were quickly buried by the mainstream news media, that he sexually assaulted a Senate aide named Tara Reade back in 1993, the supposed Russian disinformation of his son’s deeply incriminating laptop computer, his clear cognitive deficits and penchant for telling self-aggrandizing lies, and—the icing on the cake—the irregularities around the 2020 vote count were all conscientiously ignored or vociferously discredited in order to drag Biden over the finish line and into The White House.

And now everyone knows why.

Anyone with any good sense whatsoever clearly understood prior to the 2020 election that Joe Biden was simply functioning as a useful stooge for the radical wing of the Democratic Party.  All that the AOC-Bernie Sanders-Elizabeth Warren wing of the Party needed was someone who would dutifully read off a teleprompter.  The dawning awareness of this reality among a broad spectrum of the American public goes far to explain the precipitous drop in Joe Biden’s approval ratings over the first 500 days of his catastrophic Presidency, and the bitterness many voters feel concerning this deception has also furthered eroded the credibility of many mainstream news organizations who deliberately hid this truth.

Perhaps at no time in recent American history have we had a weaker and more mentally disabled Chief Executive, and it is clear when Biden goes off script and starts babbling that problems arise.  Thankfully, there always seems to be someone at hand to either cut off his microphone, ease him away from the podium, or helpfully clarify what the President really meant to say before he heads off for yet another long nap back home in Delaware.  The whole spectacle would be funny if it were not so deeply disturbing.

The most extreme possible agenda is now being assiduously (some might say ruthlessly) pursued by those around President Sock Puppet, and Americans are bearing the brunt of radical economic, racial, and cultural warfare that is tearing us apart rather than bringing us together.

Perhaps the distress we are feeling is due to the oblivious incompetence of the Bidenistas who are wrecking our country, but it is difficult to escape the suspicion that so much stupidity could be anything other than intentional.

For example, the Biden administration has been ponderously slow to act in response to the high energy costs, supply chain disruptions, and escalating food prices that are crushing the average American.  This dedication to inaction could, perhaps and maybe, be attributed to the dull-witted foolishness of his appointees.  

However, given the pain that is being inflicted on so many individuals and businesses right now, it is becoming difficult to escape the notion that this is a deliberate policy meant to satisfy the agenda of radical climate alarmists who want to squeeze our ability to use fossil fuels, force us to buy fewer goods, and make meat consumption unaffordable in order to save the planet from the ravages of our basic human needs for warmth in the winter, the ability to travel, a few material comforts for ourselves and our children, and the nutrition our bodies need to survive.  We are, of course, welcome to freeze and starve while Progressives seek to divide our citizens into the favored few and the punished many, but this is not a choice anyone other than an insane ideologue would force on our nation.

By the same token, the efforts by Joe Biden and his administration to stoke racial tensions at every conceivable opportunity certainly leads one to wonder if their goal is another catastrophic summer like we had in 2020, when many of our major cities were beset by riots, looting, arson, and attacks on both public and private property.  Rather than working to bring Americans together, every word and policy of Joe Biden and his deputies seems coldly calculated to drive us further apart.

Democrats’ uncritical embrace of the most divisive ideas associated with Critical Race Theory, which presumes every White American and every American institution are irredeemably racist to their very core, perhaps presupposes that a productive and respectful dialogue is impossible, but it certainly seems suspicious that every word from this White House is explicitly designed to plant the most destructive possible paranoia in Black Americans while branding those who disagree with their words and policies as—no surprise here—white supremacists who must be both silenced and punished.  

If everyone who disagrees with the faulty logic and assumptions of Critical Race Theory is instantly considered to be a racist who is perpetrating a hate crime with their doubts, the door is wide open for the most divisive and dismissive fanatics.  Is it even remotely possible that Joe Biden and those serving under him are completely unaware of either the irreparable damage they are doing to our national unity or the falsehoods they are spreading regarding our country’s history—much less the disservice they are doing to Americans of every race and ethnicity by making us fear one another?  

If you wanted to foment a race war, this is exactly how you would do it, and many Democrats who believe this rhetoric will win them votes are likely well aware of the risk they are running—and perhaps even welcome the prospect of deadly conflict in order to further polarize our diverse electorate. This strategy is a sick reality we can no longer ignore, and teaching us to separate ourselves based on the color of our skins rather than uniting under one flag is a prescription for an American Armageddon.

Is this an accident or a despicable plan?

And speaking of war, it is neither alarmist nor conspiratorial to now be asking a great many questions about the peculiar foreign policy of the Biden administration thus far.  We seem to be bumbling our way toward the very precipice of armed conflict on several fronts while simultaneously failing to properly prepare for the possibility of war.  This combination of belligerent rhetoric and weak action is an invitation to America’s enemies to test our true resolve.  Unfortunately, many already know a Biden retreat is inevitable, so all we can look forward to are international humiliations—one right after another

Should we suddenly be faced with the collapse of the Ukrainian resistance, a Chinese move against Taiwan, or an belligerent Iranian military that has been stringing along treaty negotiations while developing nuclear weapons, the track record of the Democrats now in charge does not inspire much confidence.  The Biden administration’s clownish withdrawal from Afghanistan confirmed the world’s worst fears about the incompetence of our leadership and reassured our enemies that they have nothing to fear from this collection of bat-blind and overmatched extremists.

However, a wartime emergency—whether brought about by stupidity or deceit—might serve the purposes of those now in power who revel in issuing Executive Orders that sidestep Constitutional limitations on their ability to remake America in the twisted image they desire.  The big lessons Democrats learned from the overreaction to Covid-19 are that disasters—even those created by governmental idiocy—can cause money to rain from the sky upon favored constituencies and create a sense of urgency that short circuits reasonable debate and inquiry.  

Moreover, emergencies provide a handy excuse for censoring opponents and governing by fiat without the pesky constraints of respecting traditional American rights.  Democrats (and perhaps some Republicans as well) might not want an actual shooting war, but they certainly welcome the fear of one because it opens doors to money and influence that would otherwise stay closed.

A weak President empowers those close to the centers of government who dream of expanding the reach and size of the federal bureaucracy in order to both make their own career dreams come true and impose their vision for America upon all Americans—whether they want it or not.  

Anger, fear, and hate are useful tools for the radicals who now call the shots in Joe Biden’s administration, and the clear sense that the clock might be ticking down to a Democratic midterm election apocalypse in November seems to have convinced a great many within the Party to push the politics of division to the maximum, hoping that some issue—abortion, gun violence, the bogeyman of Donald Trump, or some other controversy—will provide the spark that will turn around the grim predictions of their coming defeat.  We will need to keep our wits about us for the next five months and refuse to be sucked into believing more of the lies we are being fed daily.  Now is the time to believe in the power of democracy to right the wrongs now being inflicted on Americans of every race, ethnicity, economic level, and political persuasion.  

Today we are all victims of Biden’s extremists, oddballs, ideologues, and idiots, and we need to recognize this in order to come together instead of being deliberately pushed even farther apart.

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