America’s “Great Revulsion” Of 2022

It is the time of the year for election forecasts. 

So far, as is the case with most prognosticators, my record is somewhat mixed.  However, I will, nonetheless, foolishly go where wise men fear to tread and offer up my best guesses for the upcoming 2022 midterm elections.

The single issue likely to drive this election is apparent every time we walk into a grocery store, fill a prescription, or gas up our cars: galloping, relentless, corrosive price inflation.  Now stealing our wages at a rate not seen for 40 years, the escalating cost of simply surviving is driving Americans ever deeper into debt and prompting many to make horrid decisions between paying for food, medicine, or heat with the coming of this winter.  Financial stress and insecurity is striking deep into many households, and no relief seems to be in sight.  The mealymouthed responses of Joe Biden and his band of blithering economic advisors to this economic crisis have inspired little confidence and engendered much anger.

The concerns that Americans have about crime and public safety are also having a huge impact on voters.  Continuing Democratic policies that defund and denigrate the police, release those arrested for supposedly minor crimes without charges, and eliminate a bail system that has historically helped to keep those charged with violent crimes locked up until their trials have forced many frightened Americans to buy guns—and now Democrats want to take away that remaining protection too.  

Convincing Americans that their Party has no interest in catching and convicting criminals is a rather bizarre way for Democrats to try to win the 2022 election cycle.

Of course, the Democrats’ most cherished hope is that abortion politics will prove decisive, but the post-Dobbs fervor of only a few months ago seems to have faded.  Worse still for Democrats, both Black and Hispanic voters are clearly not the monolithic bloc of dependably Blue ballots they are often presumed to be, and the functional limits of relentless identity politics, which were recently revealed by the racial and ethnic train wreck now transpiring in the raucous Los Angeles City Council, might become even more apparent when the final vote totals are tallied on November 8th.

The polls now show that a number of Democrats involved in races for the Senate, House, and Governorships are dealing with slipping support, and frantically waving the talisman of Donald Trump and shouting about right wing extremism apparently have lost their magical ability to move moderate voters into the Democratic column.

The escalating cost of living is a huge crisis.  Crime is a big issue.  Attempting to forgive students loans in order to buy some votes at taxpayer expense seems not to have resonated with most voters as the Bidenistas hoped it would, and the fatiguing and futile attempts of Democrats to milk the pandemic panic for every penny are turning off Americans, who are beginning to suspect that their lives were turned upside down in order to both justify massive Blue State bailouts and jack up the stock prices of Big Pharma so that members of Congress could cash in.

Moreover, the continuing scandal of nearly non-existent border security, resulting in millions of illegal immigrants entering our country, is hard to miss despite every effort by Democrats to ignore or downplay this problem.  Furthermore, watching Joe Biden humiliate himself and our nation by begging Saudi Arabia and Venezuela for the oil he refuses to allow American companies to pump domestically is a public proclamation of both his idiocy and weakness.  We also cannot ignore foreign policy missteps that have, according to Joe Biden himself, raised the terrifying specter of a nuclear exchange on the battlefields of Ukraine.  And who can forget the debacle of our precipitous and halfwitted withdrawal from Afghanistan, which was a case study in inept leadership by our brain dead Commander-in-Chief?

Nothing is now going right for America, but I suppose we can be thankful that the so-called Inflation Reduction Act that was signed in August, which was never intended to bring down inflation in the first place, has ensured that the IRS can hire tens of thousands of new agents so that our income taxes can be more easily audited.  Another dose of hundreds of billions of dollars of federal borrowing to fund its many other provisions will help to force interest rates higher for the foreseeable future, keep lots of D.C. lobbyists employed, and ensure that less money will be available for the true emergencies facing America and Americans.  Hooray.

Unsurprisingly, President Biden and his hapless sidekick, a Vice President who seems only slightly less clueless than her flailing boss, are both distinctly unpopular.  Their ranting dislike for at least half of the American population—those who, incidentally, do most of the work, spill most of the blood, and fly most of the flags in our nation—is both abundantly apparent and supremely distasteful.  It certainly drives national Democrats crazy to have to pretend any concern whatsoever for those Americans who don’t reside in Brooklyn or Berkeley, and their Party’s disdain and condescension for so many decent and law abiding citizens has driven away a lot of swing voters who find the closet Marxists, gender benders, and Gaia worshippers now driving the Democrat’s political and social agenda to be just a bit cuckoo—and scary.

We also cannot ignore another obvious and telling sign that Americans have lost faith in the Democrats running our country into a ditch: Nobody wants to enlist in Joe Biden’s Woke military.  When our warriors decide they no longer want to fight for America, it’s time to do some serious soul searching about the current direction of our nation.

I am going to go out on a limb, although I really don’t think I’m wrong here, and predict that Democrats are due for a pretty significant electoral thumping in just a few weeks.  Given that the last few election cycles have amply demonstrated the electoral polls routinely undercount Republican voters, the fact that the predictive models are showing wholesale Democratic weakness in many previously safe contests would seem to indicate that the reality is a Republican Wave that could easily turn into a Red Tsunami.

The frustrations Americans are now feeling remind me, to be perfectly honest, of the disgust directed at the Democrats in 2016.  Just as in that election, I suspect many will not be voting for Republicans because they are enamored with a specific candidate or their platform; they will, instead, be voting against Democrats.  The 2022 elections will, I believe, go down in history as “The Great Revulsion” directed against Democrats, their policies, and the incredible incompetence featured in the Oval Office and beyond.

Donald Trump was lifted into the Oval Office by the anger many voters felt toward Hillary Clinton and the Democrats.  I believe we are seeing a similar dynamic today.  Joe Biden is the poster child for every aimless, ineffective, expensive, intrusive, and extremist policy now being championed by the ultra-liberal left wing of his party.  

Whether we are talking about forcing biological boys into the girls’ locker rooms of our nation’s schools, turning every issue facing our country into a racial conflict, or insisting that abortion right up to the point of a live natural birth is not flirting with infanticide, Democrats have firmly and fanatically planted themselves on the wrong side of most of the voters in this nation, many of whom are moderates who are fed up with ideological warfare and overt censorship masquerading as sensible governance.

It seems impossible to believe there will not be a terrible price to be paid at the ballot box for betraying our nation and its citizens in so many ways, and we will learn just how thorough this repudiation will be in only a few short weeks.

This will not be a Revolution: we’re simply revolted by where our country is being dragged without our consent by crazies.

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