My Message For July 4, 2021

This is a much-needed holiday for most—if not all—of us.  I am taking this opportunity to share my thoughts regarding what should be a day of national pride and unity.  I will keep it simple and straightforward this week:

Respect America.  Respect America’s history and the lives of those who built our nation.  Respect the flag and what it stands for.  Respect America’s Armed Forces and their unimaginable sacrifices for the safety of our country and its people.  Respect America’s First Responders and the protection they provide.  Respect your community.  Respect Your neighbors.  Respect your family and friends.  Respect differences of opinion and the diverse beliefs of others.

However, most important of all, respect yourself by working hard, taking good care of yourself, and not blaming others for your own mistakes.  Look for opportunities—not excuses.

None of this is all that mysterious or difficult.

In addition, we need to emphasize—as often as is necessary—that the many freedoms we daily cherish also carry with them the awesome responsibilities inherent in American citizenship.  To fail to defend our country and its people is to fail ourselves and one another.

So have a happy, healthy, and safe July 4th.  Relax and enjoy this special day.  Do not forget what’s always been to love about our nation and all that makes it truly amazing.

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