There Is Good News

Given the number of problems now afflicting America and Americans, it is easy to become discouraged.  

Whether we are talking about skyrocketing deficits, rampaging criminals, education that does not educate, ransomware attacks, greedy government, military threats, illegal immigration, the erosion of our Constitutional rights, or the overarching problem that binds all of these together—foolish and feckless public officials—our nation seems besieged by too many difficulties to count.  

However, in the midst of so much bad news, I believe there is some good news: A growing number of Americans are no longer content to swallow the official lies and are finally pushing back against the idiocy that is destroying our country.

We are today divided into two implacably antagonistic camps—there is no doubt about that.  Hardcore Marxism and smiley face Marxism-lite, an equally pernicious variant that ensnares those with the best of intentions, have established themselves in America today and are wreaking havoc across the land.  These have become entrenched in our schools, workplaces, newsrooms, social media sites, and halls of government over the past several decades—and the damage they are causing is incalculable.  

All the grievance and identity politics that we have had to suffer have at least had the benefit of awakening Americans to the political roots from whence they have sprung.  The harmless-sounding buzzwords of those demanding that some amorphous—yet somehow gravely systemic—wrong be righted conceal an agenda that seeks to remake America into nation where our government will become an omnipotent overlord that will both monitor and control us in a manner that should frighten anyone concerned with their essential American freedoms.

However, those who are shouting the loudest are, thankfully, also driving the emerging activism of Americans who wrongly presumed until only recently that calls to defund the police, turn our schools and colleges into indoctrination centers, strip away any remaining vestiges of religious liberty, revoke Second Amendment rights, crush free enterprise via increasingly onerous state controls, and partner with Big Tech to erase any attempts at dissent were simply too incredibly stupid to be real.  As a result, we now are seeing a restive and relentless pushback against those policies that represent a stark reversal of American values and a duplicitous rewriting of American history.

People who are roused to action by a direct threat to their way of life and well being are a potent force, and over the past several years we have seen ferocious and frustrated Americans refusing to accept the mandates of ideologues who are demanding the power to dictate what everyone should believe and how they must behave.  

This resistance has both angered and terrified those who believed that bullying Americans and denigrating America would force everyone to submit.  Lashing out at their opponents from their cozy sinecures in the mainstream media, the entertainment industry, and academia, they often are the most strident voices in the conversation, but they have been befuddled to discover they are not necessarily the most persuasive.  The revolutionaries are discovering that—much to their horror—the counter-revolutionaries have a lot more kick in them than they ever could have imagined.

People are speaking up, fighting back, and resolutely refusing to be intimidated any longer.  The insane overreaching by the proponents of a revolution that so few actually want coupled with the sheer collective idiocy of their many so-called experts, who often seem oblivious to either common sense or common decency, might have already doomed the agenda of those seeking to create a Soviet-style state in America.  Nonetheless, it is imperative that Americans continue to raise their voices in opposition to the fever dreams of those who fantasize about a supposed utopia that would be heaven only to those who revel in condemning, controlling, and cancelling those with differing ideas and values.

The more Americans actively and openly reject the problematic solutions offered by those who seem to have forgotten—or who perhaps never learned in the first place—about the many dismal and deadly failures of Marxist governments throughout history, the more we can set aside platitudinous nonsense in favor of what has always worked well in America: determined individualism, a wide diversity of thought and opinion, and a commitment to personal excellence rather than clumsy bureaucratic attempts to create a false equity that brutally punishes the most talented, honest, and hardworking.

The battle is not even close to being won, but I continue to have a boundless faith in those who want to live in an America that remains essentially American.  As long as we stay firm in our resolve, I believe our nation will survive and thrive despite the traumas besetting us today.

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