America Is An Ongoing Argument

It would be difficult to dispute that Joe Biden was the most coddled Presidential candidate in modern American history.

Campaign rallies attended by—quite literally—dozens of people? What a wonderful and compassionate effort to protect people from Covid-19!  A laptop full of potentially incriminating evidence abandoned by his crackhead son?  Obvious Russian disinformation!  A peculiar inability to connect the dots in terms of the actual implications of the policies he was advocating on topics ranging from energy needs to foreign policy to immigration to budgetary discipline to public education?  Joe Biden is a true visionary who dreams beyond the mundane confines the typical politician!


The clear and abiding desire of the mainstream media to push Joe Biden over the finish line in 2020 no matter what it required them to ignore—combined with still unanswered questions about possible electoral chicanery that flipped the true results—have led to the situation in which our nation is today embroiled: despair, debt, division, and danger.

To say we are facing the worst domestic economic crisis of the past 40 years is unquestionable.  To say that our nation is more divided than at any time since the tumult of the 1960’s is a scary fact.  To say that we are now in one of the most dangerous international situations that America has faced since the end of World War Two seems an understatement.  To say that the conclusion of the vast majority of Americans is that President Biden and his team are a catastrophe is beyond all dispute.

Sigh (again).

The good news is that America will survive the idiocy of Joe Biden and his enablers.  If you look back at the history of our nation, it is easy to find examples of ignorant and incompetent government officials who were not at all up to their jobs and left a trail of disaster in their wake.  This is not the first time our nation has had to deal with leadership that is lacking both coherence and efficacy.  

Moreover, political polarization is not a new problem for our country; going as far back as the 1790’s during the administration of our second President, John Adams, Americans have been convinced that the end of America was just around the next corner.  Partisanship has been woven into our national fabric almost since our founding—yet the predictions of imminent doom have always proven premature. 

Thankfully, it seems obvious by now that the inherent strengths of our Constitution and democracy are capable of weathering the worst storms of political foolishness and division, and we perhaps thrive through adversity like no other nation in world history.  We Americans have proven ourselves time and again capable of rising to any challenge.

This is not, however, to say there are no costs to be paid for today’s abject stupidity.

Government malfeasance and wild overspending is an entrenched and epidemic problem that is sucking the economic vitality from our nation while driving voter disgust through the roof, and the intemperate accusations and crazy conspiracy theories that naturally follow misused and ill-conceived governmental power are impeding our search for common sense solutions.  

Worse still, core institutions such as our nation’s public schools, colleges, law schools, news media, and police departments are often captive to the wildest whims of social justice warriors who both obscure inconveniently obvious realities and fiercely attack anyone who might dare to dissent from the hard left orthodoxy they present as incontrovertible truth.  

It seems bizarre to live in a nation where teachers refuse to disclose what they are teaching, once-respected newspapers celebrate censorship and harassment, police officers are denigrated for arresting criminals, and elected officials cheer for budgets that require trillions of dollars of additional annual debt that will strangle our future prosperity.  The cultish and cuckoo mindset that dominates so many aspects of America today would be perhaps amusing if not for the dire consequences now being inflicted on us by supposedly smart people who are perversely enamored with the stupidest possible ideas.

Thankfully, there are clear signs that this fever of political, social, and cultural fanaticism is finally breaking, and it seems reasonable to hope that the worst might soon be behind us—although there will be many years of work ahead to clean up the messes left behind.

First off, Americans are voting with their feet.  Blue states continue to see their residents flee from their high costs, crime, and dysfunction.  In addition, students and parents are fleeing schools and colleges that demand our money yet seem incapable of providing a worthwhile education in anything other than ignorance and hatred.  Finally, legacy media outlets that continue to propagandize instead of informing are watching their audiences evaporate as Americans migrate to alternative media platforms that are unafraid to speak plainly and welcome open debate on the many thorny issues now facing our country.

Americans are also voting with their votes, and the unmistakable signs of an electoral wave building toward a 2022 Republican tsunami are easy to spot.  The dire warnings about unrestrained inquiry now being voiced by Democrats who are demanding more online censorship, spending millions to elect malleable election supervisors, and cringing at the idea of Twitter slipping from their control certainly tell part of the story, but we see the rest in the stunning Democratic flip-flops on policing, energy policy, gun control, drug legalization, border security, taxes, public education, and an array of other topics where liberal policies are now anathema to voters.

I fear not for America because our history has taught us that our politics are invariably Newtonian in nature: For every reaction there is an equal and opposite counter-reaction.  I would not be at all surprised to see the next few years usher in a protracted era of law and order policies, sane energy solutions divorced from ridiculous taxpayer subsidies, reformed and reinvented educational institutions, strict fiscal restraint, renewed attention to improving the business environment in order to encourage private enterprise, a shrinking government footprint in all aspects of our daily lives, and a host of other long-overdue initiatives that abandon—once and for all—the extraordinarily expensive leftist failures of the past several decades.

The key will be to battle those who insist on using censorship and shaming to silence those who seek change.  Money, power, and egos are the real enemies of the reforms that are now being demanded by the American people.  Those who are benefiting from our dysfunctional status quo will use every tool available to silence those who want to steer our nation back toward values of integrity, trust, family, faith, and honor.  This is to be expected and vigorously resisted.

America is an ongoing argument, and to express strong disagreement with its direction is neither treason nor a hate crime.  

To carefully and logically evaluate contrasting ideas, policies, and solutions is perhaps the most American of all actions, and we are fulfilling our most basic obligations as citizens when we listen, think, and respond—perhaps forcefully—in order to put our nation back on a path that both recognizes our past mistakes and creates a better tomorrow for our country.

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