Russia Now. China Next?

It is not surprising that our nation’s enemies have decided to take full advantage of the fact that we now have the functional equivalent of Mr. Magoo leading our nation.

Having watched Joe Biden fumble through his first year in power, with both his cognitive abilities and approval ratings in a free fall, Vladimir Putin clearly has realized that now is the time to make his move against Ukraine.  In another year it is likely that Republicans will be in firm control of both the Senate and House, and Joe Biden could finally be forced to replace his incompetent foreign policy and Pentagon leaders, which would obviously raise the risks immeasurably for Russia.  It is always best to make your move when your opponent is weak, which is sadly the case for America today, so here we find ourselves—with Russian tanks and troops swarming over the Ukrainian border.

Putin will swallow as much of Ukraine as he chooses and chuckle at the ineffective responses of the Biden administration.  Russia’s power to dictate to our cowering European allies will be greatly enhanced because he will soon be in full control of the on/off switch for the oil and natural gas supplies they desperately need to operate their economies and stay warm in the cold, hard winters ahead.  The net result is a mind boggling defeat for the United States that will play out over the course of many decades.  The damage to our international credibility due to Biden’s lack of foresight and inaction is probably beyond repair.

America has, to put it bluntly and plainly, been roundly humiliated on the world stage by a strongman who is laughing at the doddering old fool who is bumbling his way through a disastrous Presidency.

Wait, it gets worse.

Now we have to worry about yet another potential military crisis: What will happen if China decides this is the perfect moment to move against Taiwan?

Mainland China and its communist government have, of course, never recognized the legitimacy of Taiwan, which became a separate island nation in 1949 when the Nationalist forces commanded by Chaing Kai-shek were forced to flee the victorious Red army of Mao Zedong.  

The status of Taiwan has been a sore point in Sino-American relations ever since, and it has long been the policy of the Communist Chinese Party to eventually reassert sovereignty over a nation that they deem to be nothing more than a breakaway and rebellious region.  Having already taken back Hong Kong in 1997 after one-sided negotiations with the British government, who made plain from the outset that they were happy to abandon their territory, Taiwan has long been the next target of the Red Chinese leadership, who have spent the entire Biden administration infringing on Taiwanese territorial boundaries with increasingly aggressive moves by its Air Force and Navy.

A military move against Taiwan would be predicated on a desire to maintain its critical infrastructure of microchip factories, which account for over 60% of total global production.  Were Communist China able to launch an invasion that avoided damaging the Taiwanese network of microchip factories, they would be able, combined with their own domestic production, to exert an astounding and unassailable control over the world’s economy because almost all of our planet’s transportation, communications, healthcare, power grids, consumer products, and factories are built on a teetering house of cards—one composed of tiny silicon chips.  Moreover, our nation’s advanced weaponry is equally reliant on microchips to function, and the necessary diversion of our meager domestic production to military applications would leave the American economy in tatters.

The consequences of threats to Taiwan and their microchip production are, therefore, almost beyond our comprehension.  The utter failure of the Biden administration to protect Ukraine from Russia has sent an unmistakable signal of weakness, and the Communist Chinese are astute enough to recognize a golden opportunity when it arises.  An invasion of Taiwan would be a debacle that would almost certainly bury the remnants of the Biden presidency; however, even a threat to invade will cause the appeasers in Washington to rush to meet China’s demands.  

Therefore, China can win big, even if they don’t put a single boot on the ground.  By rattling their sabers and convincing the weaklings in The White House to abandon our defense commitments to Taiwan, they might be able to take effective control of Taiwan without a military invasion.  

The Biden administration’s unwillingness to fight to protect both our allies and strategic interests has already been amply demonstrated (face it, these losers cannot even muster the will to secure our own nation’s borders) so international bullies could triumph once again.  I am, however, certain we will issue a strongly worded protest—right before we abandon the Taiwanese to Chinese tyranny.  

Whether the Chinese and Russians would actually move in troops to enforce their ultimate territorial ambitions or simply install supine proxies to do their bidding is almost beyond the point.  These battles were lost the day the U.S. Senate cravenly certified the elections of Joe Biden and his dim-witted accomplice to the two highest offices in the land.

Our nation is in peril because we are Woke, weak, and wavering.  This is a dangerous and disheartening moment for America—and for the world at large.  We still have the world’s most powerful military, one that can give pause to even the most reckless opponent.  The United States has the ability to back down any enemy that threatens either our security or that of our allies.  If we, however, dither and dissemble when firm and forthright action is necessary, we put the entire world at risk, one that still needs an America that is ready and reliable when freedom is threatened.  

Right now is the time for every citizen of our great nation to be asking hard questions—and demanding clear answers—about the competency of our Commander-in-Chief.  We can wait no longer.

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