Brace For Impact

Sometimes the man finds the moment; sometimes the moment finds the man.  However, in the case of the first four months of the Biden administration, it appears to be the case that our new President is blindly wandering into crisis after crisis—moment by excruciating moment.

It could be plausibly argued that simple bad luck accounts for some portion of the problems that have dogged the early days of Joe Biden’s term in the Oval Office.  However, a great deal of what is now plaguing our nation seems to have started right on January 20th of this year—at noon.

Joe Biden’s self-created southern border crossing onslaught shows no sign of abating, and recent news reports that he might restart some construction of the Trumpian border wall is certain to send his Democratic Socialist base of voters into a tizzy.  Today’s eyes wide shut coverage by news outlets that previously castigated President Trump for the least immigration problem is a blessing for a Chief Executive who is spinning in circles rather than admitting a real humanitarian crisis exists.  

Belatedly assigning Vice President Harris to deal with the problem—apparently by studiously ignoring it—has resulted in zero action on this front.  Biden will keep on fiddling while our border burns because he can get away with it thanks to the deliberate disinterest of his media allies.

Perhaps President Biden has simply been very, very distracted dreaming up new ways to spend money we don’t have on things we don’t need.  Apparently no one in The White House cares to ask why we now need to spend 4 trillion dollars on “jobs creation” when just 16 months ago we enjoyed the lowest unemployment rates in American history.  

Oh, yes!  That darned pandemic, right?  How can we forget the Fauci Follies?  The contradictory daily pronouncements that turn Biden administration health officials into 21st century Hamlets—“To mask or not to mask. That is the question.”—do little to engender confidence in their supposed expertise.  In the meanwhile we can entertain ourselves by watching the national and state teacher unions turn Joe Biden into their sock puppet while efforts to reopen schools and colleges turn into an ongoing hokey-pokey of indecision.  Sing along now: “You put your kid inschool. You yank your child right out.  You put your Zoom class on, and you tune it all right out.  You do the Hokey Pokey, and you turn your child around.”  Yes, that’s what school is all about!

Let us not neglect to mention the foreign policy ignorance that has resulted in the Middle East erupting into the kind of violent upheavals that had disappeared while Donald Trump’s administration was busy negotiating peace treaty after peace treaty in that region.  Biden’s precipitous and ill-advised withdrawal from Afghanistan will create, for reasons that defy all understanding, a new and powerful Taliban stronghold after their crushing defeat during the much maligned Presidency of Donald Trump.  One can only wonder how the usual media cheerleaders for incompetent—but thoroughly Woke—politicians are going to spin the Middle East disasters that will unfold during Joe Biden’s nap times.

Perhaps the only upside to the recent Colonial pipeline ransom attack that brought us back to 70’s era “No Gas Today” signs at service stations throughout the Southeast is that it provides a foretaste of what we can expect from the Democrat’s ill-considered war on fossil fuels.  Gas prices have risen during every month of Joe Biden’s administration—and we can expect more pain at the pump dead ahead.  

Any sense that a modern economy requires affordable and reliable sources of power seems lost on the Green New Deal acolytes now working to return us to a pre-industrial existence that will somehow still allow us to hang onto our iPhones and designer yoga pants.  It’s probably better to not ask too many inconvenient questions regarding how any of this is practical, affordable—or even desirable.  It just results in having your Facebook or Twitter account suspended by Big Tech companies that are diligently working to censor criticism of the far-far left agenda of D.C. Democrats.

It is probably too depressing to mention that, aside from the conflicts already ramping up in the Middle East, we also need to contend with aggressive military moves by both Russia and China that have tested the resolve of the “bright young things” now in charge of our nation’s security—who unsurprisingly have been found to be decidedly squishy.  The Biden team’s race to placate the extremists in Iran by waving wads of cash under their noses is a sick return to Obama era efforts to buy an illusory peace with actual greenbacks.  Our nation’s enemies will certainly be delighted to have talkers who are not doers sitting in decision making positions for the duration of Joe Biden’s Presidency, and we can now expect lots of Obama-like “red lines” followed by ignominious yellow retreats.

The same rhetoric that does not match reality will be evident regarding any efforts to halt the terrifying increases in crime across America.  Preferring to ascribe nationwide spikes in carjackings, shootings, murders, and robbery to “racist” policing in order to avoid any discussions of the grim necessity for arrests and imprisonments, we can only guess at how many more Americans with the means to do so will be fleeing our country’s major cities—leaving the poor to bear the brunt of failed leftist law enforcement policies.  

So much for compassion; America’s most vulnerable are being turned into lab rats by those who will soon be applying for research grants that they will use to document the carnage they have created.

Is anyone enjoying the “transitory” inflation that is now driving up the cost of virtually everything we need to survive?  Do you want to get really depressed—really fast?  Go into your local grocery store and try to feed a family of four in Joe Biden’s new and improved America.  Perhaps this is just some brilliant Democratic strategy to help to slim our waistlines, but I have my doubts.

The path that our nation is racing down right now is both stupid and dangerous, and we need a swift reversal if we are to avoid catastrophe.  In the meanwhile, President Biden should say a pray every night that America’s complicit and compromised journalists continue to downplay his many mishaps.  Honest coverage would be exceedingly painful to those who are now running our nation, which means candor will be in very short supply until the damage to our country is far too severe for even the most partisan Democrats to ignore.

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