Chasing The Red Dots

If you want to entertain your cat, all you need is a laser pointer. 

Send that bright red dot dancing across the floor and walls and watch your feline go into a frenzy that will leave it panting in exhaustion. That red dot activates every nerve in its body and erases any other thought it might have while you make it jump, turn, and flip at your will in a frantic chase—in pursuit of that silly red dot.

Human beings are equally willing to run themselves ragged chasing the red dots provided by the news media, celebrities, and politicians. 

Keeping us distracted is key to maintaining control during what seems to be, upon sober reflection, a cascade of corruption and cupidity that should worry us a lot more than the unending (and highly speculative) tales of climate doom, which are presented as “settled silence” in order to convince us to submit to higher prices, more inconvenience, and oppressive controls. The ill-considered scientific opinions of the clowns and shills now masquerading as journalists and the blathering of politicians who are bought and paid for by their campaign contributors provide the red dots that distract us from the daily stupidity of the “Green” revolution that is bankrupting our country.

Sometimes it rains, sometimes it doesn’t, and both droughts and catastrophic flooding have been with us from the dawn of recorded history. Both dangerous heat waves and life-threatening deep freezes occurred thousands of years before anyone started burning fossil fuels. However, convincing humanity that a climate apocalypse is upon us provides a path to both looting the treasury and enforcing compliance from the populace by convincing us that lives and health are at imminent risk, which is a thrilling opportunity for every faculty lounge Leninist and end-of-the-world looney to live out their pitiable totalitarian fantasies.

The incredible efficacy of simultaneously terrifying people and offering them some crumbs of the cash that the larcenous insiders have left behind was proven beyond all doubt by the Covid-19 craziness that managed to provide cover for both the abrogation of our basic human rights and an international money heist of mind-boggling proportions.

See that red dot? Chase it!

It must be infuriating to those who are hoping to keep cashing in on the climate warming scam that Americans continue to be resistant to buying overpriced and unreliable electric cars, but this has only prompted government officials and their handmaidens in the news media, permanent bureaucracy, and celebrity blogosphere to attempt to bamboozle us into buying with tax breaks and social media shaming while punishing us with energy policies designed to drive gas and diesel prices through the roof. It is of no concern to these climate alarmists that the glaciers have not melted, the sea levels are not rising, and the Sierra Nevadas are now buried in a record-breaking snow pack. The name of the game is pounding home the narrative that planetary doom awaits those unwilling to pay until it hurts and submit to more governmental diktats.

Pay no attention to the corruption, hypocrisy, and malfeasance of your leaders. Stay focused on that red dot of the climate change hoax! If you do not, you will die!

(Insert evil and foreboding chuckle here for effect)

Whether we are talking about climate change, Covid-19, or another emergency du jour, the key is to keep us frantic and frightened so that we don’t rebel. If we stopped to consider the government officials growing wealthy with insider trading, the insane policies designed to encourage criminality, the concerted efforts to crush of any lingering vestige of morality, the shameless censoring of dissenters, and the foreign policy blunders that have grievously—and perhaps irreparably—harmed our nation’s security, we would go mad with rage. Therefore, our attention must be constantly directed elsewhere.

Three main methods of distraction now dominate our discourse and keep Americans running in circles chasing that red dot while the most corrupt, duplicitous, and anti-American elements of our political, economic, and educational institutions are busy destroying our nation.

The elite policy of promoting transgenderism is no accident. By forcing Americans to engage in endless ludicrous debates about what is a man and what is a woman while being compelled by groomers to turn children into the experimental subjects for radical medical interventions to transform their gender, our nation’s attention is drawn into an endless—and endlessly frustrating—debate with a cadre of sexual extremists who are experts at sowing discord but far less successful at logical reasoning. The resulting divisiveness saps our energy and attention, which is just fine with those who prefer us to be oblivious to the manner in which they are pillaging our country and selling us out to enemies both foreign and domestic in ways that are too numerous, too outrageous—and too depressing—to even list.

In addition, the seemingly suicidal economic policies of the Biden administration, which have resulted in historic price inflation, mind boggling budget deficits, and now seem to be sinking us into a stagflationary nightmare, have been the subject of much criticism and debate. Although the screeching Socialist wing of the Democratic Party is overjoyed with the Biden administration’s commitment to uncontrolled spending, the considerations driving these policies seem to go well beyond simply placating an especially vociferous constituency.

Given that it has been clear for close to a century that excessive government spending inevitably leads to price inflation, why has the Biden administration stubbornly insisted on running stupendous deficits without a care?

It is difficult to escape the creeping suspicion that exerting ever increasing economic stress on Americans is serving a darker purpose: keeping us looking inward toward our own crumbling household budgets rather than paying attention to the many scandals, mistakes, and incompetencies of President Biden and his Cabinet Secretaries, who often seem completely overwhelmed by the demands of their positions. Americans who are struggling with automobile repossessions, home foreclosures, paying for medical care, and putting food on the table are not in a position to expend the time and effort necessary to organize and fight back against the many depredations daily visited upon them. Chasing the red dot of simply surviving ensures a certain level of dull compliance from a disheartened citizenry.

One final, and heretofore relatively effective, method of distracting Americans from the disasters befalling our nation—increasingly emboldened enemies, rampaging crime, diminishing military readiness, and uncontrolled illegal immigration that shows no sign of slackening—is to do what politicians have done best throughout history: lie, feign outrage, and blame others.

We continually hear, therefore, that our borders are secure, that opponents are actually bigots, and Donald Trump is mysteriously responsible for the many self-inflicted wounds of Joe Biden and his minions. Our supine legacy media, which now operates as an adjunct to the Democratic Party, is only too glad to spread the preposterous propaganda pumped out of the Biden White House while studiously ignoring stories that call the preferred narratives into question.

Keeping us afraid, keeping us divided, and—most important of all—keeping us chasing those red dots of distraction are all strategies being used in perhaps the most massive psychological operation ever perpetrated against a population in human history. 

We cannot resist those who are destroying our lives and our nation until we fully understand—and connect—the many distracting red dots.