The Sharks Are Circling

A recent poll has some shocking news for the Democrats: President Biden’s job approval rating is negative in every battleground state in America.  This is a stunning fall from grace for a President who, if you believe the 2020 election results were untainted by fraud, received the most votes in Presidential history.

The only bright spot for Joe Biden seems to be that Vice-President Harris is even more profoundly unpopular than he is at the present time, but this is rather like taking comfort from your cancer being Stage 3 rather than Stage 4.  Either way you look at it, it’s a stupendously worrisome problem.

Democrats and their media cheerleaders typically ascribe Joe Biden’s disastrous job approval ratings to the public’s lack of appreciation for his many brilliant accomplishments thus far.  Perhaps Americans will eventually warm up to rampant inflation, spiking crime rates, wild overspending, spiraling debt, vaccine tyranny, uncontrolled borders, and humiliating military failures—but I seriously doubt it.  

The stench of a rapidly dying Presidency hovers over the White House, and the possibility of a Democratic wipeout in the 2022 midterm elections that will their erase razor-thin margins in the House and Senate has already precipitated all sorts of speculation about how to best ease Joe Biden toward the exit.

Efforts to eject Joe Biden from the Oval Office after only 10 months in office would have no traction whatsoever if this were a normal presidency, but his mumbling and stumbling performance to this point has inflamed speculation that his mental acuity has faded past the point where it is reasonable for him to remain in charge.  Watching him dodge questions, go blank when he is not reading from a teleprompter, and express open surprise at his own administration’s policies inspires little confidence, and the suspicion that he is a sock puppet for others working behind the scenes increases with each passing day.

The question of whether President Biden is fully engaged with—or even fully aware of—what is happening around him will be the story that dominates the 2022 election cycle.

Palace intrigue plays well as entertainment, but the maneuvering we might soon see is going to be both unsettling and dangerous for America.  Worse yet, the void in The White House has now been filled by the loud, radical, and perpetually dissatisfied wing of the Democratic Party, which is demanding an end to the last vestiges of fiscal restraint so that their socialist dreams for America can finally come to fruition.  

Given that it today seems likely that Republicans will sweep into power in 2022 and 2024, Progressives perceive that the time to make a cash grab to fund their expansive agenda is right now. They are unlikely to accept the explanation that America’s bank account is seriously overdrawn as an excuse for legislative roadblocks on the way to their dream nation of free housing, free college, free healthcare, open borders, empty prisons, censored political speech, and a never ending public health emergency that paves the road to leftist totalitarianism.

America’s enemies will, of course, look to exploit our President’s weakness and the political confusion and controversies that will ensue.  Russia and China will increasingly flex their muscles and chase their economic and territorial ambitions.  Therefore, our country will need to be on guard to defend both our interests and the integrity of our commitments to our allies.  This will be made far more difficult by the meandering and mindless path of our Commander-in-Chief, who could turn out to be the biggest single problem facing our nation’s military in the tough year ahead.

No matter how we look at it, America is going to be neck-deep in shark infested waters for the foreseeable future.  Whether the predators are domestic or foreign will be of only minimal consequence—and they will all be emboldened to act by the demonstrable weakness in The White House.

Sleep with one eye open, America.  We cannot afford to feel foolishly secure, and we must be vigilant, aware, and on duty for our country as we seek to navigate the risky days dead ahead.

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